Best Practices Report now available!

This Best Practices Report intends to bring our experience in European Industrial Doctorates (EID) to other consortia with awarded EID Programmes ongoing and to institutions considering applying for funding to this scheme.

Project meeting Madrid

The fellows presented their first year scientific results at the GSK DDW site


OpenMedChem and Open Innovation

OpenMedChem fosters true collaboration between a major industrial R&D unit (GSK I+D, Madrid, Spain) and academia (University of Antwerp, Belgium). We have an end goal that is not determined by profit. Applying the concept of Open Innovation to neglected diseases drug discovery, we have set out strategies for training and scientific research in which transfer of knowledge, collaborative research, and overruling of IP issues rather than commercial interests set the scientific agenda.

OpenMedChem and the Marie Curie Actions

OpenMedChem receives funding from the European Union's 7th Framework Program (FP7). It is one of the first projects that gained approval under the European Industrial Doctorates Scheme of the Marie Curie Initial Training Networks actions. More information can be found at:


OpenMedChem's Scientific and Managerial Supervisors


At the University of Antwerp: